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Denne NC has regular meetings with WSCC regarding problems with roads and is represented on the Horsham District Community Partnership Bus Partnership and the Railway Stakeholders Group. Denne NC frequently reports highway problems, we can take up new issues on behalf of residents, or help if further assistance is required.


The Bus Partnership group is led by HDC and includes the local bus operators, WSCC managers and local HDC Councillors. The aim is to improve bus and community travel services and links with other transport despite the recent cuts in subsidies. 

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Denne was closely involved with the improvements at the railway station and is now working together with Forest Neighbourhood Council to bring together Southern, Network Rail and the local authorities to solve some outstanding problems. The main tasks are to renovate the subways under the railway line and North Street, so they are more pleasant to use; to solve the recurrent flooding at the back of the station and to improve facilities on the forecourt

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Railway Station and Subways

The main entrance of  Horsham Railway Station is in the Denne Neighbourhood Council area, while the car park and rear entrance are in the Forest Neighbourhood area. The two Councils have co-operated in contacting Southern Rail and the local authorities to ensure they were aware of issues concerning us and our residents during the recent upgrade of the station. We are working together with HDC and WSCC to find funding for improving the subways.

Denne succeeded in persuading Southern to include modernisation of the toilet facilities on the platforms - this was not part of the original scheme but we were appalled at the condition of the existing toilets and believed that doing nothing to upgrade the facilities let down the entire scheme.

Since then we have pressed for stakeholder meetings to further improve the area around the station. The situation is complicated by having numerous land owners involved.  

We want solutions to:  

The persistent problem of flooding at the rear of the station
Improving the subways under the railway line and North Street
Seats in the bus shelters
Shelter for the taxi queue
Ensuring cycle facilities match demand.

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We report pothole and drainage problems in the Denne area and urge residents to report problems anywhere in the county using “Love West Sussex”, either online or by phone app. This is by far the easiest method as if you submit a photo it cuts out the time taken for an inspector to visit the site and repairs get done much faster. The site can be used to report a wide variety of Highway problems including traffic signals and vegetation overgrowing pavements. There are however minimum standards that have to be met before repairs will be effected e.g. pavement width must be reduced to less than 1.2 metres and potholes must be more than 150mm wide in all directions and at least 40 mm deep. There are guidelines on how quickly repairs must be carried out, depending on the safety aspect. To report flooding, faults to roads and potholes click here. Street Lights Faults can be reported online, it helps if you know the lamppost number. Street Cleaning HDC Environmental Operational Services carries out highway sweeping on behalf of WSCC, this includes roads and pavements. 

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           Hate anti social driving? 
              Abandoned vehicle in your street?
                        Sussex Police have relaunched the  Operation Crackdown website


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Please note that Horsham Denne Neighbourhood Council is not responsible for the final policy or decision making of either Horsham District or West Sussex County Councils.  We are consulted by them and have statutory consultee status with regards to Planning applications in our area. We have regular contact with Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council and will represent your views on local issues.
You may email our clerk,  Sara Doy at

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