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Neighbourhood planning

“To promote or improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the 

un-parished area of Horsham Town” 

A new right for communities was introduced through the Localism Act 2011.  

For the first time, local people will have a major statutory say in helping to shape development in the areas in which they live.

Neighbourhood planning empowers communities to shape the development and growth of a local area through the production of a neighbourhood development plan, a neighbourhood development order or a Community Right to Build Order.

Neighbourhood development plans will become part of the local statutory development plan and will form the basis for determining planning applications in that area. A neighbourhood development order enables the community to grant planning permission for the development it wishes to see.

For  a 'plain guide' to the Localism Bill click here   For a quick guide see The Power of Neighbourhood Planning

The Localism Act enables Parish Councils to produce a Neighbourhood Plan in order to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being within a designated area. Neighbourhood Plans have to conform to the District Plan regarding the amount of future development but can determine the type and location; it is not possible to reject any further development. There is a lengthy consultative and examination process, followed by a public vote to approve Neighbourhood Plans. Once in place they provide safeguards against unwanted development and bring financial benefits to be used for community projects. 

Most of Horsham District has Parish Councils but Government legislation ignored all un-parished areas, including those with Neighbourhood Councils which covers the area including Horsham Town, Horsham Park and surrounding areas. In order to create a Neighbourhood Plan in Horsham a separate organisation called a Neighbourhood Forum has to be set up. Neighbourhood Forums are non-political and have to be fully representative of all people living in the area, working in the area and elected councillors. Above all, there has to be community engagement including various groups such as local societies, residents associations, housing providers, faith groups, businesses etc.

The three Neighbourhood Councils, Horsham Denne, Horsham Trafalgar and Horsham Forest had lengthy discussions and decided the best approach was to initiate a single Forum to cover the whole of the un-parished area. In order to do this we had to create a name, Horsham Blueprint, a map of the designated area, a constitution and then get approval from Horsham District Council.

Why does Horsham need a Neighbourhood Forum?

In order to create a Neighbourhood Plan for the un-parished area of Horsham a separate organisation called a 'Neighbourhood Forum' had to be set up. Neighbourhood Forums are non-political and have to be fully representative of all people living in the area, working in the area and elected councillors. Above all, there has to be community engagement including various groups such as local societies, residents associations, housing providers, faith groups, businesses etc.

The three Neighbourhood Councils had lengthy discussions and decided the best approach was to initiate a single Forum to cover the whole of the un-parished area:

Promotional events were held in in January 2014 with stalls in Swan Walk and Horsham Market and a public meeting in The Barn. These created much public interest and we were pleased at the enthusiasm shown to improve our town and by the number of people wishing to be members of the Forum.

We held an Inaugural General Meeting on 29th March 14 where a Steering Group and Officers were elected and the Constitution was adopted. To read the Horsham Blueprint constitution click here 

We have the necessary 21 members (representing a widespread of interests and locations within the area) signed up to the constitution, but we would like even more people to join.

Latest Updates 

Newsletter Spring 2017 - May

Newsletter September 2016

Dear All,

I hope you have been enjoying a great summer! 

Since our Imagine Horsham event in April, we have been working away on several projects.

1. Surveys for residents and businesses.
These are on our website. Please let us know your views as the results will underpin the first draft of our Plan which is due out later this autumn. If anyone needs a paper copy of the survey, please give us a call on 07716 976088. The closing date for the surveys is 30th September. There will still be further chance to comment when we issue the draft Plan. 

2. Interim Report
We analysed all of the many responses we have received so far. From this, we have produced an Interim Report that summarises the key themes and ideas that have emerged. This can be read on our website. We hope that this is a good assessment of what matters in our Town. Please use the surveys to let us know of anything you think needs adding and let us know if we are on the right track! We are particularly keen to hear from businesses and from residents aged 15 to 40 who have been under-represented so far. 

We had hoped to produce some printed copies of the report, but we do not have the funding to cover this. There is a shorter version which uses less ink for those who prefer a paper copy.

We are sending a newsletter to every household and business within the Horsham Town area. This has highlights from the Interim Report as well as information about our surveys. The newsletter can also be read on our website. If you do not receive a copy, it may be that you are outside our designated area. You are still welcome to respond to our surveys and to comment about the Town. Please note that the North of Horsham development is outside of our area.

4. Site Assessment
We have been working with AECOM consultants on Site Assessment. This work is being finalised. There is still time to nominate other sites for development or regeneration prior to the issue of the first draft of the Plan. We are particularly keen to find a site suitable for a "co-working" facility to support small businesses, and a site for co-operative housing to meet the need for affordable housing.

5. Horsham Town Vision
We now have regular meetings with Horsham District Council about the Neighbourhood Plan and the Horsham Town Vision.

6. Funding and Projects
As with any community project, funding is always an issue! We are doing what we can within our limited resources for what is a large area with a resident population of over 24000. We are working with Horsham Town Community Partnership, Hack Horsham, and other community groups to help deliver projects for the Town area. If you are able to support any of us with your expertise, resources or ideas for other projects to fill a gap in provision, please let us know.

Best wishes

Frances Haigh
Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Forum

Newsletter June 2016

“To promote or improve the social, economic and environmental
well-being of the un-parished area of Horsham Town” 

Imagine Horsham 

Many thanks to all of you who came to visit us at Imagine Horsham in April. Thanks too to Gill Buchanan and her staff for the use of the shop, and to all those who helped to put on the exhibition. We were over-whelmed by your responses. Particular thanks go to all those of you who wrote very detailed responses about what you would like to see for the future of the town. We have been processing all the comments and are now working on the next stage of producing a plan. All the analysis of the comments has given us key themes and topics which we are using to produce a progress report. This will show the ideas and opportunities that have been identified. In some cases, we already have possible policies and projects. We will let everyone know when this is issued so that you can all comment further and let us know if we are on the right track.

Alongside the progress report, we will also be producing a survey to ensure that everyone has had a chance to have their say about what should be in the Neighbourhood Plan. 

Meanwhile, in April we put out a Call for Sites for development and are currently working with AECOM on assessment of the sites which have been submitted or which we have identified. We have also made more progress with identifying the green spaces that we wish to see protected. We are also continuing to develop projects and policies around the theme of "Marketplace of Ideas" which was one of the key ideas we presented at Imagine Horsham. There will be more news shortly about our next business events.

Keeping Informed
As a community group, we have very limited funding. It is costly for us to send out letters and leaflets, especially with the price of postage, so we have to use every other means possible to keep in touch with everyone.  We are on Twitter@blueprintnf and this links to our Facebook page. Please follow us on either of those as we post regularly with your comments as well latest news from our area and the world of neighbourhood planning. In addition, we have updates in the Neighbourhood Council newsletters and we try to produce press releases as often as possible so that we reach a wider audience. It will help us greatly if you could talk about us with your friends and neighbours, especially those who are not on social media or the internet so that they know what we are doing. 

Annual General Meeting
We hereby give notice that our Annual General Meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Monday 27th June 2016 at the Rehoboth Church, New Street. The papers, including the Resolutions, are on our website. All are welcome to attend. Anyone wishing to stand for the Steering Group should complete an application form and send it to us by Wednesday 22nd June. We would welcome some fresh energy and new faces!

Shelley Fountain
A major request throughout all our consultation was for the Shelley Fountain (or Rising Universe) to be removed. We had a few requests for it to be repaired and brought back into use, but the majority wished to see it go. We therefore supported Horsham District Council's decision to remove it. We had some great ideas for a replacement, including sculpture by local artists Hannah Stewart or Paul Day, a statue of Shelley, a Dalek in tribute to Ray Cusick who lived in Horsham, and an ordinary fountain. We have passed all of the ideas on to HDC. In the meanwhile, we understand that there will be temporary planting in the fountain basin.

New Street Pocket Garden
Work is progressing well on this community project. It has been awarded funding from both the DCLG and Tesco's Bags of Help. If you wish to be involved, there is a meeting at 10am on Saturday June 4th at the Rehoboth Church.

Other Neighbourhoods
It's fascinating seeing what other neighbourhoods do as part of their work. InHighgate they have been monitoring air quality. They explain how this will affect policies in the plan, as well as possible community actions and initiatives that they would support.

In St Albans, they have produced a design code. This might be something that we could do here, possibly drawing on the expertise of Horsham Society.

Many towns and cities are looking at improving their cycling facilities as more and more people wish to cycle or to have safe cycling lanes for their children to use. This has been a strong theme in our consultation and we will be looking at what we can do within our policies. Meanwhile, there is a useful report fromLeicester about how they are improving cycling. Locally, West Sussex County Council are consulting on their Strategy to 2026. Submissions have to reach them by 22nd June.

Future Events
Apart from our AGM, we will be at Sparks in the Park on 10th July 2016, so you can catch us there if you want to chat about our plan. Meanwhile, watch out for details of our business events in the next few months.

Best wishes

Horsham Blueprint 
Newsletter March 2016
“To promote or improve the social, economic and environmental
well-being of the un-parished area of Horsham Town” 
It may have seemed as though your Neighbourhood Forum has been quiet lately. However, like a swan, we have been paddling away like mad beneath the surface! We have been analysing your comments, sifting the data, contacting schools and businesses, and putting together our first event for this year.

Without more ado, we present

Imagine Horsham
8th - 10th April 2016, Swan Walk

Alongside this we are running a competition to Design Horsham. Primarily for schools, but also open to adults, we ask for your vision of Horsham in 2030. Entries may be drawn, painted or created in Minecraft. All entries will be displayed at Imagine Horsham and the most popular will be awarded prizes and feature in the District Post. The closing date has been extended so that entries may be brought along to Swan Walk on any of the days of Imagine Horsham.

We do hope that many of you will call in to see the ideas and comments we have received. These will form the foundation for our Plan, so we need to know which you like and support. In addition, ScreenSocial will be running on-line polls about some of the key ideas and these will be displayed on screens around the town centre.

We will also be joined by the fantastic Hack Horsham who will be running Minecraft for us. There will be 20-30 minute slots available throughout the three days.  If you know anyone who would like to take part, do let them know about us. We are very keen to have ideas from children - apart from anything else they can be very perceptive about the world and how they would like to fix it! For smaller children – and those who prefer paper to screen - there will be a place to sit and draw.

We have been very lucky to work with Simon Flegg from Hub Graphics who has given Blueprint a professional image. As well as the flyers and posters for Imagine Horsham, he designed our newsletter which we sent to businesses earlier this month. If you missed a copy and would like one, there will be some available at Imagine Horsham.

As we progress with the Plan, we will need expert technical support. We are delighted to confirm that we have been awarded support for site assessment and this work will be commencing in mid-April. We have issued a Call for Sites which will be advertised in the District Post.

We are currently producing surveys for residents and businesses which ask more detailed questions. We will let you know when these are available, both in the newsletter and on social media. Do take the opportunity to have your say, and if you think there is anything we should be asking about, please let us know. It’s your town and your views matter!

Finally, if you can spare any time to take part in one of our working groups, do get in touch. These groups have an important task assessing the evidence and drafting policy. The more people who can share their expertise, the stronger we can make the Plan.
Best wishes

Christmas 2015 Newsletter

“To promote or improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the un-parished area of Horsham Town” 

Welcome to the latest news from Horsham Blueprint, the Business Neighbourhood Forum for Horsham Town. For those of you who are new to us and to neighbourhood planning, the Forum brings together everyone from across the community to have a say about where housing, shops and businesses can be in our town. Neighbourhood planning is a community right which allows local residents and businesses to have their own planning policies in a neighbourhood plan that reflects their priorities, delivers tangible local benefits and has real weight in planning decisions. Local people can also grant permission for development through ‘neighbourhood development orders’ and ‘community right to build orders’. Over 100 neighbourhood plans have now passed referendum. Excellent examples are Winsford and Central Milton Keynes. 

Making a Great Plan
How do we make a great plan? 

Brent Toderian, an international expert on urban planning has come up with a list of 10 key points to follow in this article. He suggests everyone has their own list to help guide their plan, so here is a proposed list for Horsham Blueprint:-

Create a Plan for TOMORROW, not yesterday or today.

Plan for OUTCOMES, rather than timeframes.

Speak and write HUMAN. Don’t be boring!

Every idea COUNTS.

Don’t hide the Plan’s BIG IDEAS. Put them up-front and design around them.

Design the Plan with FLEXIBILITY and CLARITY.

Make the Plan REAL and DELIVERABLE.

Involve EVERYONE; it’s their neighbourhood!

Be BOLD and innovative. The Plan can be a GAME-CHANGER.

Realise the CATALYTIC power of a plan and the conversations around it. 

Ideas and more ideas!

We are still receiving your ideas on postcards and have been sorting them into categories. We plan to get some summaries of all the ideas to up date on our website in the New Year. Meanwhile, we are posting some of the ideas onto Twitter and Facebook so that everyone has a chance to comment about them. We have also posted a link to SurveyMonkey where you can comment if you’d rather use a computer than a pen! 

New this month, we have an advertising campaign running across screens in 10 shops in the town centre. This takes our latest Tweets and displays them so even those who are not on social media, can still find out about us. It is a great scheme which is being used by many local traders to promote their businesses. If you want to use this for your business, get in touch with us for the contact details.
You can also find out about Horsham Blueprint in “All About Horsham” as we are in the December issue. page 63. Many thanks to the AAH team for finding room for us.

Our first posting on Stickyworld (where you can visit to take part in shaping projects, plans, ideas and decisions) was the Shelley Fountain. Needless to say, this gathered a lot of comments! We have copied the comments from Facebook as well as from Stickyworld itself.
Our second posting was about the “Pocket Park” that is proposed for New Street. Some of you may recall from the last newsletter that there was funding available from the DCLG for Pocket Parks. This site between Brighton Road Baptist Church and Rehoboth Baptist Church was suggested as somewhere that needed attention. Led by Evan Giles of HDC and by Horsham in Bloom, a team from across the community worked on the bid in an excellent example of what can happen when we all pull together. The bid has been submitted and we have every hope that this will be successful.
We have also been asked by Michael Walker to look at what can be done with land at the junction of Blackbridge Lane and Middleton Road. We have contacted Horsham Denne NC and Horsham Town Community Partnership about this site. Many of the green spaces in the town are listed in a report from the Horsham Society and we will be using this as a key document in our evidence base.
Working Groups
These are starting work but we still need more of you to come forward and be involved. If you have any expertise that will help us or an interest in shaping the town, please get in touch.
One of the great things about neighbourhood planning is finding out what is being done elsewhere and wondering not only “could we do that?” but “how do we do that?”  The “how” is answered by Jason Roberts' fantastic speech on Twitter at #Locality15 on how one person can make a difference to their neighbourhood see his talk on Youtube. If that doesn’t inspire you to get out there and do something in your neighbourhood, I don’t know what will! 

His organisation and website is, Better Block and there are some useful downloads. So if you have any ideas of what you want to see in your neighbourhood, follow his tips and get started!
More inspiring ideas are from the Transition Network:   cop21
This is a long read but there are some fantastic projects here, everything from transition streets to a local entrepreneur forum.
One of the themes for our neighbourhood plan is how to help Horsham become an Age Friendly Town. There are many examples from across the world of how this can be done. The Royal Town Planning Institute have a briefing here and there is an important guide here about how we could look at housing the ageing population. 

Finally, a community project from the Charity Bank ( which gives children somewhere to “hang out” safely.

“We love a can-do attitude - take a look at our 60 sec video of the month for#inspiration: ”

Wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us to all of you at Horsham Blueprint.
Best wishes

Horsham Blueprint Newsletter - December 2015

“To promote or improve the social, economic and environmental
well-being of the un-parished area of Horsham Town”  

Welcome to the latest news from Horsham Blueprint. We have been collating information from all the postcards which many of you have filled in recently. One request was for a café to be brought back to the centre of Swan Walk. The good news is that “Muffin Break” will be opening there on Friday 4th December. The new café will have an on-site bakery to tempt us all! 
We have three major pieces of news for you this month.
Exciting project for New Street!
Local community groups, led by Horsham in Bloom and Evan
Giles of HDC, are working together on a plan for a “Pocket Park” in New Street. This is the area between Brighton Road Baptist Church and Rehoboth Baptist Church. There are photos of the space on our Stickyworld site and we welcome your views and comments as to what you would like to see here. At the moment there isn’t even a bench!

Stickyworld is a new way of helping to find out what matters to you about our town. The second "room" that we have on the site is for the Shelley Fountain. We know this is always contentious - the Marmite of Horsham! – but it gives an introduction to what we can do with Stickyworld. There is also a slide with a map of Horsham. If there is anywhere that you think we should be including in our neighbourhood plan, whether as part of our policies or projects, this where you can let us know. Do give it a go and also let your friends and neighbours know about it so everyone can have their say! We are trying to add a boundary line for our area, but if any of your comments relate to part of the parishes, we will pass the comments on to them.
Digital Hub
Over at the Digital Hub, Hack Horsham is being formed as a Charity Incorporated Organisation. This will enable more events to be held for all ages in the areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths). As well as events for children and young people, next up is a Coding Evening for Teachers on 27th January at the Anchor Pub. Details on the Hack HorshamFacebook page,  
Plans are also progressing for TeenTech, a science day for years 8/9. This is a great opportunity for hands-on science, but also gives young people a chance to work with young graduates and apprentices. If your business would like to be involved as a sponsor or to provide a team to run a project on the day, then please get in touch via Horsham Blueprint. More about Teentech here

Finally a quick plug for “Small Business Saturday” which takes place December 5th.  Many local businesses are taking part and we will be promoting them on Twitter during the day. More details 
Best wishes

November 2015 Update Click here:

 Newsletter November 2015

“To promote or improve the social, economic and environmental
well-being of the un-parished area of Horsham Town” 

Firstly, a warm welcome to all those of you who are new to Horsham Blueprint. We have been running a major campaign around Horsham Town in the last few weeks. Thank you to those of you who have contacted us from businesses or by filling in one of our postcards. Especial thanks to those of you who hosted one of the post boxes for us.
If you want to know more about Neighbourhood Planning, there are a couple of quick guides here:
Ideas and more ideas
One of the most difficult things for us to do is to give you feedback. We are doing this via Twitter, Facebook and email as appropriate. Our apologies if you do not hear back from us, but no ideas go un-noticed and we are collating them all as best we can. Some of the ideas are ones that we can use fairly quickly as community projects. Some will take more effort and we will pass these on to the organisations that may be best placed to deal with them. Others will form a basis of the policies in the plan.
An idea from one of the children redesigning Queen Street back in January was for a streetlight cum tree. Here’s one. I hope you like it!
 Solar Tree in St John’s Square during Clerkenwell Design Week. By Ross Lovegrove.

One idea has been for a bus shuttle service from the trading estates to the town centre, possibly on Thursdays when the street food market is held. This could be a win-win for the town traders and for those who work at the trading estates. Turning the idea on its head, perhaps we could take the street food stalls to the trading estates on a non-market day. Any takers?
 Several people, including our MP, Jeremy Quin, have raised the question of a chamber of commerce for Horsham. Although some businesses are connected by network groups, Horsham Blueprint as a Business Neighbourhood Forum is keen to help support the revival of a modern chamber. This would have benefits for the Town economy. Those of you who have attended the very successful Business Breakfasts at Tanbridge House School will be aware of the exciting project to develop Horsham as a Digital Hub.  Sharing ideas and expertise, liaising with our schools and colleges, and meeting corporate social responsibility requirements, can all be achieved by talking and working with the local community. In particular, we are looking for sponsorship and practical support for a TeenTech Science event next summer. More information here 

Working Groups
By now, many of you will have seen the John Lewis Christmas advert. Putting tissues aside, we know that loneliness is a big problem for many older people, especially when they have no family within reach. Age UK Horsham District does much to help people, as do many of the local churches and other charities which provide lunch clubs and outings. I was pleased to attend the very inspiring Age UK “Older People’s Day” in October, especially hearing about the inventor, and look forward to Age UK Horsham working with us on our policies.
We are forming our working groups based on the key issues that are emerging from our consultation so far. If, like Age UK, you would like to take part in any of these, please contact me so I can pass your name on to the relevant group chair. We are also looking for someone to lead on the last three working groups so please contact me urgently if you are able to do this. The groups are:-
Ageing Population
Transport, Cycling and Accessibility      
Environment, Green Spaces & Flooding  
                                    Development & Conservation                                   
                                                    Economy & Business                                                     
Health & Wellbeing    
                                       Young People & Families                                     
                                                     Infrastructure & Services                                                                   
We have just signed up to Stickyworld, an on-line application which will give us a great new way to consult with everyone. If you have any photos of Horsham Town which we can use, please send them to me. Watch our Twitter and Facebook for more information about this as we get the pages created. This will also integrate with the new web site which is currently being produced for us.
This month, the DCLG has announced funding for “pocket parks coming to a neighbourhood near you".
In some cities, these have been around for a while. Sometimes they temporarily take up spaces used by cars, as here in Australia

Others are more permanent and are a great way to provide community space:-
 Let us know if you think of somewhere we could have one of these in Horsham!

Best wishes

Horsham Blueprint August 2015 Newsletter

Dear All,

I hope you have had a good summer and a chance to have an enjoyable break – weather permitting!

  Marketing Campaign
Your Neighbourhood Forum continues to be busy as we arrange for a major marketing campaign in the Autumn. This starts with a Workshop on 3rd September, primarily for Councillors and key organisations in the town. If this works well then we may have a similar event later on for those who could not attend this one. If you have had an invitation but not replied yet, please do so. If you have not had an invitation but would like to be included, please contact me as there may be some spaces.
Working with Businesses

On 8th September, I will be meeting with Horsham Unlimited to discuss neighbourhood planning and how we involve more businesses. Horsham Unlimited and Horsham District Council have both promised help with promoting Horsham Blueprint and neighbourhood planning through their newsletters. We hope to be able to reach all of the businesses in our area and to build up a complete contact list. If you are aware of a business that has not been contacted by us or heard of us, do let us know. The more people who take part in preparing the Plan, the stronger it will be!

We are in desperate need of someone to re-vamp our website. We may have some limited funds to cover this, so if you know of someone who could take this on, please ask them to contact me.
Assets of Community Value
One of the things we can do as a Forum is nominate Assets of Community Value. In North Horsham, the application to nominate The Fountain pub was refused due to insufficient identified need. The ACV status would have meant that the community had six months to put together a bid to buy it. It does not mean that there is a guaranteed right to buy the building, but at least the community has a chance to act to save the pub. In addition to ACVs, we can formally allocate assets for community use in a site allocation proposals map within our plan.If you know of somewhere that should be nominated, do let us know so we can include it on our list and make an application. More information is available at:-

Latest News and Inspiration
Some more ideas for you from around the country:
Climate change and neighbourhood planning
Looking after heritage buildings in Ledbury
Sea of Change Film – Walking into Trouble
This is a long film but makes some excellent points about the problems faced by visually impaired people where shared spaces have been introduced. We need to address accessibility within our Plan and we welcome input from everyone about where the problems are within our Area and ideas for solutions.

Best wishes


Frances Haigh

Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Forum

Christmas Update December 2014

Hello Everyone

We had hoped that we would be able to finish the year by celebrating our designation as a Forum. The consultation closed on 16th October and the Steering Group had hoped we would have a decision from HDC by now! Unfortunately they have raised more queries, some of which should have been considered and resolved many months ago. We have received support and advice from everyone who is anyone in the world of Neighbourhood Planning and we hope that this will be unblocked soon.
The delays have meant that not only have we not been able to start the process of planning, but also it has affected our funding. Meanwhile, the Steering Group is working on surveys for residents and businesses which will come out in the New Year as soon as we get the go-ahead. 

We are also looking to upgrade our Website into something much livelier. We are looking for someone to design and possibly look after this for us. If this is of interest, please get in touch asap.
The best way to keep up with what is happening in the world of community rights and neighbourhood planning is via Twitter. Do follow us if you can as there are often interesting articles about what other areas are doing to improve their area. A selection of some recent articles includes:-
Examples of great ideas and progress in other areas:
See The Power of Neighbourhood Planning
The view from Transition Towns:
Transition Guide to Neighbourhood Plans
And if you feel inspired by this: Horsham Transition - the sustainable way forward 

A special story for Christmas of a community working together

If you want to know more about the National Association of local councils (NALC)
(Power to the People is a guide to setting up a local council)

The neighbourhood councils have elections in 2015 if anyone is interested in standing as a councillor.
Living Streets : More ways to support pedestrians, including being a Snow Angel:

The Guardian World Cities Day 2014 had some fantastic ideas.

This is a long post, and is easiest if you opt to view it in reverse order. Use Page Down or the scroll bar to find the video clips, or the map should give you a rough guide to the times. Nottingham is interesting (1.14pm), although my favourite video of those I’ve watched so far is Tallinn (8.38am). Those of you worried about crossing the A264 to the proposed Liberty development might sympathise with the residents of Johannesburg (9.05am)

Finally for those of you who are cyclists - or would like to be if there were better cycle paths - here is how they lead the way in Denmark.

If any of these catch your imagination and make you think about what we could do here in Horsham, do let us know.

Steering Group
We have a couple of vacancies for steering group members. If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch.

Park House
Horsham Town Community Partnership met with HDC about Park House. There have been some good ideas put forward for possible uses and we hope that HDC can be persuaded to keep this for community use. If you want to be involved in this, please get in touch with Horsham Town Community Partnership

I hope you have found this newsletter interesting. Do feel free to share it with anyone who may be interested and ask them to email us if they’d like to be on our mailing list. I have included representatives of businesses and organisations as well as individuals that we have contacted, but if you think that you have received this in error, do let me know so I can correct our mailing list.

Happy Christmas to you all and best wishes for 2015!
Frances Haigh

Horsham Blueprint

Hands up for Horsham!     Update 29th July 2014
Dear Members
Welcome to new members who have signed up recently. Our numbers are growing steadily which is excellent. We now have over 200 on our mailing list. If you could all encourage one other person to sign this month that would help to demonstrate that neighbourhood planning matters to Horsham Town.
Application for Designation
Last month, I notified you that we had applied to Horsham District Council for designation of the Forum and the Area. We received a reply that the Area Application was acceptable, which is great news. However the Forum Application was not acceptable as there were some clauses in the Constitution that HDC required changing. This was disappointing because we gave HDC the opportunity to comment on the Constitution before the Inaugural General Meeting (IGM), which they declined. If any changes are to be made, we would either need to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) or carry the changes forward to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2015.

Following negotiation, we have agreed to ask Members if the changes now proposed are acceptable. If so, HDC will put the Applications out for the required 6 weeks consultation in September 2014. The changes will be brought for ratification to either an EGM in the autumn or the AGM next year.
The Amended Constitution has the changes highlighted in yellow.
Follow this link to the Constitution as approved at the IGM.
Please could you let me have any comments by Friday 8th August so that I may then re-submit the Application.
The Consultation will be publicised in the West Sussex County Times and I will notify you when that appears.
Meanwhile, we are continuing to progress with work towards our neighbourhood plan. We had stalls at Cootes Farm Summer Fair and at Sparks in the Park where we worked with HYPER, the youth council. We had a drop in session at Bennetts Field where we were specifically asking about the community facilities for the area.
We are planning a series of walkabouts across Horsham Town, using a process called “Placecheck” ( Our trial run will be along Queen Street, between Clarence Road and the Iron Bridge. The owners of the Queen’s Head are talking to HDC and to Forest Neighbourhood Council about plans to improve their site so we hope to have some local feedback about views for this area to contribute to the discussion. If you would like to join in, please let me know. Details are to be confirmed.
Steering Group
We have a couple of vacancies for steering group members. If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch.
Neighbourhood Planning
Neighbourhood plan referendums are coming through at an increasing pace now. Case studies of how other areas are progressing and their experiences with neighbourhood planning can be found at
Park House
As you may know, HDC are testing the market to see if there is any commercial interest in Park House. I have been asked whether this is something that Horsham Blueprint could take on. If we were further advanced in writing our plan, we could consider policies for the area around North Street. However, taking on the building for the community is outside our remit. It could be considered by Horsham Town Community Partnership (HTCP) which has the powers and objects for this type of undertaking. If anyone is interested in putting together a proposal, they should contact HTCP. There are possible funding sources which could support this project, but as with anything of this nature, it needs someone with drive and vision to help make it happen.
Other News
Other items of interest in the news recently include:-
Community Energy Schemes such as this one at Balcombe
Community catering at which runs volunteer-powered community projects across the UK to reduce food poverty and social isolation. Also of interest is Casserole Club Locally, Horsham Matters has taken over the Christian Café in South Street and is re-opening in September as “Refresh”. They are looking for volunteers and staff if any of you are interested in helping out.
Best wishes

Frances Haigh


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Please note that Horsham Denne Neighbourhood Council is not responsible for the final policy or decision making of either Horsham District or West Sussex County Councils.  We are consulted by them and have statutory consultee status with regards Planning applications in our area. We have regular contact with Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council and will represent your views on local issues.
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