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The Horsham Town Community Partnership is an umbrella core group composed of members of Horsham Denne, Horsham Forest and
Horsham Trafalgar Neighbourhood Councils, Horsham Society, Horsham Blueprint and Horsham in Bloom.
  The purpose of the Partnership is
 to represent the aspirations of local organisations and residents, and through 
this, work on projects or issues affecting the town and
 its residents. The Partnership is registered as a 
company limited by guarantee and as such can apply for funds i.e.grant funding that other organisations like Horsham District Council or Neighbourhood/Parish Councils can't apply for.

The objects of the Partnership are to benefit the built-up area of Horsham town and its community by working on issues and projects of 

interest and concern to the area and which will contribute to securing its long term viability and the maintenance of its particular character,

 heritage and amenities.  The Community Partnership is action orientated. Any action worked on by the Community Partnership are actions

 that have been highlighted through consultation and views expressed by local people.

It is for the Community Partnership, backed by local community opinion, to decide the priority of any actions undertaken and to find 

the resources to work on projects.  With research done through Neighbourhood Council Appraisals and information from the District Council, issues that have been highlighted as being worthy projects were brought to the Community Partnership`s attention.

HTCP is busy working on the large Riverside Walk Enhancement project.

The two most important resources for the Community Partnership are people and funding.  If you would like to know more about this 

exciting new venture  visit their webpage

Please see the actions outlined in the HTCP Action Plan 2011 booklet.


Please note that Horsham Denne Neighbourhood Council is not responsible for the final policy or decision making of either Horsham District or West Sussex County Councils.  We are consulted by them and have statutory consultee status with regards Planning applications in our area. We have regular contact with Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council and will represent your views on local issues.
You may email our clerk,  Sara Doy at

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