Mobility Scooter Safety Training

Nationwide, the number of accidents involving mobility scooters increases each year. In 2016, the latest year with complete figures, there were 260 accidents. Fourteen people died as a result of some of these.

These statistics have prompted Horsham District Older Peoples Forum and Horsham Town Community Partnership to arrange free ‘Safety & Skills’ sessions for existing and new scooter drivers in the Horsham area. These are supported by Horsham District Council, Age UK Horsham District and Clearwell Mobility Ltd. Additionally, the charity Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People, which has a long history of providing mobility training, is involved in providing support to the tutors.

The free, volunteer-run sessions started in May 2018 and allow mobility scooter users to practice the best ways of reversing, turning, approaching slopes and narrow openings, etc. 
Drivers are then accompanied on pavements, paths, into shops and other public places in the town by 'Scooter Tutors' who will give advice and tips suited to the individual driver. 

Over about two and a half hours, we explain and remind scooter users, how to spot dangerous situations and improve safety for themselves and other pavement users. 

Please call Horsham 01403 269384 to register your interest or visit the website at 


 Older People's Forum for Horsham District

There are expected to be 16 million people aged 65 and over in the UK by 2033, a rise of 40 per cent.

"So where is the social media campaign, where are the angry hashtags? The biggest puzzle is why ageing voters, with their political muscle and grey pound, aren’t demanding
change, so that in a decade or so when they’re feeble, alone, and life has contracted to a single room, they will be treated like human beings? That oldster languishing in a surgical ward, pining for home . . . it may be you."    Janice Turner The Times 17th September 2016

Do you have views or concerns on local issues that affect you or someone you care for or about as an older person? Do you wonder how you can have your voice heard? Do you see things changing in your local area and wonder why didn't they consider those who are getting older? Do you ever think to yourself 'If they'd have asked me I could have told them that'? Do you have concerns about local issues such as uneven paving/cobbles / 'A' boards in Horsham town centre, local public transport, electric buggies, GP surgeries, access to hospitals, home care etc. etc? 

The Horsham District Older Peoples Forum (HDOPF) or the Older Peoples Forum for Horsham District is a free to join, non political, voluntary group that acts as the 'ears' and gives a 'voice' for people aged 60 and over who reside in the Horsham District Council area or who care for them. It also exists to be an information hub and consultative group for anyone seeking the views of older people in the district on particular plans, topics or schemes that may affect older people including Horsham District Council (HDC) and West Sussex County Council (WSCC). 

The HDOPF was formerly known as the Horsham District Senior Persons Council and changed it's name in December 2014 to come into line with other similar groups i.e. Mid Sussex Older Peoples Council. It was decided to be a Forum rather than the more formal title of 'Council' as our Forum consists of local people, 'Supporters' rather than fee-paying Members. 

If you are aged 60 or over and reside in the HDC area (or personally care for someone who is/does), the Forum really needs your experiences, views and support. An important part of that is the use of email to impart information and quickly seek your views on particular topics. You can do that by emailing and joining their email circulation list.

The HDOPF  have 4 public meetings a year, at differing locations around the district and on different days of the week. Anyone aged 60 or above who resides in the Horsham District is welcome to attend (they do ask though if you can please inform them beforehand that you are going so that they can accommodate the number of people attending).

The Forum would also welcome representatives of any Horsham District, Neighbourhood or Parish Councils, WSCC or any local group, charity or organisation that include older people to become involved with HDOPF and attend their meetings. If you would like to attend and/or have your groups links on this or their website or have information to disseminate please contact. They would also like to seek your groups' views when the Forum is consulted on local issues involving older people and distribute important relevant information to local groups/organisations etc. Please let them know if you would like to be on their email circulation list. The Forum also have the opportunity for guest speakers at their meetings. 
The HDOPF has been supported by HDC  and with a small financial grant of £825 in 2018 to cover admin and hall hire costs.

If you have any articles, information or useful links that could be included on this website please let us have them.

2018 Meetings (all 10.30am - 1 pm) were held at 

Wednesday 29th August 2018
Colgate Village Memorial Hall, Vicarage Close, Horsham RH12 4BB

Friday 16th November 2018 'MP Question Time' Event with Jeremy Quin MP for Horsham. 10.30am - 1 pm ground floor conference room, council offices, Parkside, Horsham

Tuesday 4th December 2018
Ashington Centre, Foster Lane, Ashington RH20 3PG

2019 public meetings are being arranged - details will be published shortly

Please look at the latest newspaper articles on the HDOPF website.

New Older People's Directory for Horsham District


Please click here to download a copy of the new Older People's Directory of Services put together by the HDOPF and Horsham District Council.

Please note that Horsham Denne Neighbourhood Council is not responsible for the final policy or decision making of either Horsham District or West Sussex County Councils.  We are consulted by them and have statutory consultee status with regards to Planning applications in our area. We have regular contact with Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council and will represent your views on local issues.
You may email our clerk,  Sara Doy at

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