What We Do

We are consulted on all planning applications in our area, and consulted on policy (in particular, issues affecting Horsham town).

We also have a Memorandum of Understanding with Horsham District Council with regards to being consulted over issues relating to Horsham Park. Horsham Denne Neighbourhood Council takes forward the concerns of residents to the appropriate authorities (such as West Sussex County Council and Horsham District Council) as well as other community and statutory bodies. We also attend HALC and CLC meetings.

For more information visit our 'Planning' page

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We deal with a wide range of issues concerning the local area including but not limited to...              

    • looking at planning applications

    • monitoring large building projects such as the West of Horsham development

    • considering local road layouts

    • signs and street lights

    • getting involved with local strategic planning consultations and initiatives like those of Horsham Town Community Partnership i.e. the Riverside Walk enhancement project.


Youth Services

The provision of Youth Services in Horsham District was endangered due to statutory changes and the withdrawal of funding from West Sussex County Council. 
In June 2012, a seminar was held by Horsham District Council to consider future provision.

We were shocked by some of the statistics provided. We are so used to thinking of Horsham as a wonderful place to live, that the standard of living endured by some of the youth in the town was totally unexpected and unacceptable. It was agreed that continued Youth Provision in the district was very important and funding could be raised through precept by Parish Councils and from the Special Charge for the Neighbourhood Councils’ area of Horsham Town. Further funds could be sought through grants, local business, lottery and trust funding.

Clusters of Parishes were formed in the District to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.  The Neighbourhood Councils and North Horsham Parish Council agreed to work together to form a Cluster for the whole of
Horsham Town.

The business model was agreed and a contract was put out to tender in January 2013. It was won by Horsham Matters, a local charity with expertise in youth provision. The contract enables the employment of part-time Community Youth Workers for 60 hours a week to ensure seven days a week support and there is currently a 3-year commitment for this provision.

Horsham Denne Neighbourhood Council is represented on the Steering Committee which works closely with Horsham Matters on all levels of Youth Provision, including the management of the budget, the employment of staff and the execution of the service. 

Good progress has been made.  Youth workers were employed in June 2013 and are consulting young people to ensure their needs are considered and met in the community. The programme will include giving general life-style advice, helping with personal problems and setting up group activities for learning life-skills and socialising.

Horsham Matters have also taken over the running of Horsham Young Persons Council HYPER

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Neighbourhood Planning– in Horsham

The Localism Act enables Parish Councils to produce a Neighbourhood Plan in order to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being within a designated area. Neighbourhood Plans have to conform to the Horsham District Plan regarding the amount of future development but can determine the type and location; it is not possible to reject any further development.
There is a lengthy consultative and examination process, followed by a public vote to approve Neighbourhood Plans. Once in place they provide safeguards against unwanted development and bring financial benefits to be used for community projects.

Most of Horsham District has Parish Councils but Government legislation ignored all un-parished areas, including those with Neighbourhood Councils. In order to create a Neighbourhood Plan in Horsham a separate organisation called a Neighbourhood Forum has to be set up. Neighbourhood Forums are non-political and have to be fully representative of all people living in the area, working in the area and elected councillors. Above all, there has to be community engagement including various groups such as local societies, residents associations, housing providers, faith groups, businesses etc.

The three Horsham Neighbourhood Councils (Denne, Forest and Trafalgar) have had lengthy discussions and decided the best approach is to initiate a single Forum to cover the whole of the un-parished area. In order to do this we have to create a name, a designated area and a constitution and then get approval from Horsham District Council. The proposed Forum will be known as Horsham Blueprint
For further and current information see our Neighbourhood Planning 'Horsham Blueprint' page or visit their website here.

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Please note that Horsham Denne Neighbourhood Council is not responsible for the final policy or decision making of either Horsham District or West Sussex County Councils.  We are consulted by them and have statutory consultee status with regards to Planning applications in our area. We have regular contact with Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council and will represent your views on local issues.
You may email our clerk,  Sara Doy at denneneighbourhoodclerk@gmail.com

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